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Hat Kriya

Breathwork &

Meditation Sessions

Tap into your inner healer and empower yourself with intuitively guided breath-work and meditation sessions.  

Each sessions is 45 Minutes and comes with a video for you to use as a guided sadhana (daily ritual).

Energy Exchange

$44 per session

$208 for 5 sessions

$404 for 10 sessions

*Zoom Sessions Available*


Energy Cleansing

Release your stuck energy and feel the flow of your chakra energy channel open through reiki, cord cutting, and Crystal and Tibetan sound bowl therapy.

Other modalities such as

Palo Santo cleansing, crystals, and essential oils will be included in each 1 hour session.

Energy Exchange

$108 per Session

$505 for 5 Sessions

*In person sessions only. Located in Sacramento, CA.*

Intuitive Readings

Dive into your healing and shadow work through intuitive readings where I will channel your energy and let the cards speak to me. 

Telepathic readings are 1 question for 20 minute sessions. Life Path Readings are in depth and 45 minute sessions. 

Energy Exchange

$33.33 for Telepathic Reading

$55.55 for Life Path Reading

*Zoom available*

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